My TX16W Disk Emulator

(Proving it's never too late -- or is it?)
(Or is it even more?)

Needing to restore several old scores,
I developed a Disk Emulator for my trusty, old TX16W.
It consists of software for the PC, a USB device that plugs into the PC
and the TX's RS-422 port, and a special boot floppy.

The TX floppy disks are in iso images that reside on the PC.
The program automatically searches the iso images for files
when loading a system. No more floppies to find, take in and out.

Uses a special boot floppy disk that starts
loading a specially modified version of Typhoon from the PC.
The version reads from the RS422 port instead of the floppy controller.
(It would be possibly to modify the boot ROM for booting, but I didn't want to.)

Here's the main control window (with debug features showing):
TX16W Disk

Here's the front panel emulation:
TX16W Front Panel

All in all, works pretty spiffily.

Schematic and Hardware Details