A living history...
Parades, Ribbons & Streets

Dispatches from the past...

A kaleidoscope of memories, stories and events
from the past of Michigan City and the area.

Mainstreet Theatre
807 Franklin St, Michigan City, In
 ~ $10 ~ (219) 874-4269
8 PM Friday & Saturday, 2 PM Sunday
Nov. 6, 7 & 8

Presented by Sudden Productions and The Festival Players Guild

by Dan Schaaf
Directed by George Maslankowski
Starring Mayre Williams, Robert Richter, Sandy Gleim,
Angie Shriner, Dan Moser, Dave Ticknor

Dispatches from the past...
Learning to live with the bomb...

You Were Never Alone...

Belle Gunnus...

A Little Chicago...

Michigan City Street Fugue...
Rather than a chronological history of Michigan City, ‘Parades Ribbons and Streets’ treats various themes (such as the Depression, war, the great natural abundance of the area) with short, sometimes touching and funning stories as remembered by residents of the Area. One common theme is the great variety of parades that Michigan City once had: circus parades, 4th of July parades, Klan parades, political parades. Another theme is the simple joys of street life before streets became merely paths for motor vehicles to get from point A to point B. Most importantly we hear from people who have lived thru the worst and best of times and survived to tell the tale.

The stories are for the most part gathered from histories recorded in the late 1970s as a CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) project. Characters in this presentation are composite and do not reflect the views of any one person, living or dead.

Sudden Production Music 2000/2022

2022: Belle Gunness, the Murder Musical! ~ Animation & Music
2021: The Last Days of Digger ~ MC Video Fest. Michigan City Public Library
2020: Pinocchio Unbound ~ MC Video Fest. The Nest.
2019: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ~ Original Music, video restoration. 1915 silent film brought back to life. The Nest.
2019: 5th Annual MC Video Fest ~ Original Music, video. The Nest & Michigan City Public Library.
2019: Sand, Shifting Performances ~ Original Music, video and tech consult. Michigan City Move Dance Company.
2019: Prince Achmed ~ Musical score and live actors for silent film. Coastline Children's Film Festival.
2018: WaveSpeak & Lilly of San Louis ~ Video production, animation and original music and songs. MC Video Fest.
2018: Ralph Kipniss's Wonderful World of Puppetry ~ Video production and original music. Valparaiso University.
2018: Sacred Sands Walking Tour ~ Original score and sound production. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.
2017: Dunes Summer Theater ~ Sound Design and Original Music for various productions.
2016: Music for Sacred Sands and Poems About Indiana Dunes
2016: Music for Silent Film Fest at the Nest
2016: Aelita in La Porte ~ The Queen Meets Her Subjects
2015: Short Videos at the Michigan City Video Fest
2015: Aelita at The Acorn ~ The Queen among the Featherbones
2013: Seven Day Wonder ~ Postcards from the South Shore
2011: Aelita at Links ~ The Queen Speaks...
2009: Parades, Ribbons & Streets ~ Dispatches from the past...
2008: New Musical Comedy Sparkle! starring Jeff Schmidt
2007: New Musical Comedy Ee Gads!, 4th Street Theater
2007: Score for Lion In Winter, 4th Street Theater
2006: Score for 4th Street Theater production of Of Mice and Men
2005: Score for 4th Street Theater Production of Laramie Project
2005: Music, Lyrics & Libretto for A Dream of Kings
2004: Silent Film Movie Musical Aelita, Queen of Mars
2004: 4th Street Theater production of Down the Road
2003: Original music for The Hobbit, Dunes Arts Foundation Summer Theater. Michiana Shores, IN.
2002: MACBETH! the Rock Opera, 4th Street Theater, Chesterton, IN.
2002: Score for Don Varda's feature film, Best For Last
2002: Body Chime at the The AVA Project - Troy, NY.
2002: Original Score for Harry Petrakis' Love Stories, 4th Street Theater, Chesterton IN.
2002: Original Score for silent film classic The Man With The Movie Camera, Vickers Theatre, Three Oaks, MI.
2001: A most delicious Pop Opera, Roxann's Kiss
2001: Original Score for silent film classic Wings, Vickers Theatre, Three Oak, MI.
2000: Original music for Aladdin, Dunes Arts Foundation Summer Theater. Michiana Shores, IN.
2000: Original Score for Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Vickers Theatre, Three Oak, MI.

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