Macbeth, the Rock Opera
photo gallery
4th Street Theater Production - 2002

costumes by Monique Fredline

2000 x 1312 pixel image.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth,
Christina Lucas and Wayne Wendell

Macbeth, Wayne Wendell

Lady Macbeth, Christina Lucas

Banquo, Robert Richter

Sandy Parker, Mayre Williams and Susie Richter as The Weird Sisters

Michael Mancini - King Duncan
Gentle but Foolish Kings Beware!
Ambition set afire

Daniel Blitstein - Fleance
Banquo and Fleance in
a forest of Witches
What to do with
Bloody Daggers?

Toni Balsamo - Porter, Noel Carlson - Malcolm
Drink provokes three things

Toni Tesso - Murderer
MacBeth arranges
Banquo's death
MacBeth loses his grip
Hold me before
it is too late
MacBeth confronts
the Witches again

Toni Balsamo - Doctor, Lady - Mayre Williams
Concern in the Castle for
Lady MacBeth's madness
I have fallen
for you
The MacBeth's Witches
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