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Run CorelDraw 8 on Windows 7 64 bit

Contrary to the chatter, you can run CorelDraw 8 on Windows 7 64 Bit.

1. The main problem is that CorelDraw uses version 3.3.1 of a 3rd party memory manager (sh33w32.dll in syswow64) that doesn't work with Win 7 64 bit. (Don't know about any other version of Windows.)

Version 4 does work. However Corel looks for version 3.3.1.

So you'd need to find version 4 (sh40w32.dll) on the web*, change the file name to sh33w32.dll and also change the internal version number in the resource section of that file using a resource editor.

ou'll need to change '4.00' to '3.31' in two places and change '4.0.0' to '3.3.1' in two places.

Also, the name of the file in the resource section should be changed from 'sh40w32.dll' to 'sh33w32.dll'.

2. When I ran the compatibility tester it said I should be running Draw (and Paint) as XP SP2, which I did and all seems fine.

3. There are service packs for CorelDraw on the Corel ftp site. The problem with these are they are 16-bit installers which won't run on Win 7, 64 bit.

So I ran the update on the 32-bit XP machine and copied the whole 'Graphics8' directory to Win 7.

*I found a version on the web called 'sh33w32.dll' which was actually internally version 4.00. The size of the version 3 dll is 106K while version 4 is 111K. I needed to do the resource editing noted above.