Sudden Productions

The 2018 Fourth Annual...
 Michigan City Video Fest
Michigan City Video Fest

Belle Gunness

2017 Third Annual...
 Michigan City Video Fest

   Feb 26th
    2:00 PM

Daily Veritas

Musch better than Fake Pravda!

Upcoming Noisy Silent Films...

Adventures of Prince Achmed Cabinet of Dr Caligari Aelita, Queen of Mars

Nest Silent Film Series

Aelita, Queen
of Mars
Silent Cinema Musical

Living Russia
Man With Camera
Saturday, June 4, 2 PM $5
The Nest
803 Franklin, Michigan City

Refugees Welcome

Blasts from the Past
a film by Sky Schultz

De Rosa's
We Are The Angles - De Rosa

Fritz Fest ~
Fritz the Silent

Seven Day Wonder

Aelita, Queen of
Silent Cinema Musical

Links Hall, Chicago
March 25-27

Mainstreet Theatre, 807 Franklin, Michigan City, IN
Saturday November 6, 8 PM

Man With
Movie CameraAmn
With MovieCamera
Links Hall, Chicago
March 24

Dispatches from the past...
Parade, Ribbons
& Streets

A World at War: Clara Bow in Wings

Jeff Schmidt starring in...
Sparkle, the Musical

Aelita, Queen
of Mars
Silent Cinema Musical

Big BenEe Gads!Ee Gads

King Leer, the
All hell breaks loose
when a community theater presents its
musical version of King Lear.

Dream of Kings

Master Storyteller
Harry Mark Petrakis
from his collected Short Stories
Three Short

Macbeth, the
Rock Opera
Macbeth, the
Rock Opera
Macbeth, the
Rock Opera

CD now available

Cyrano's back for...                       
Roxann's Kiss, Cyrano

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My TX16W Disk Emulator

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Run CorelDraw 8 on Windows 7 64 bit

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